A trader doesn't need to know what will happen next  A trader just need to have a plan for unpredictable

Powerful Crude Trading Strategies Developed To Get Consistent Profit From Market

Taking trade using our strategies takes only 5 minutes a day to generate the income you’ve been dreaming about.


BTC 812 Strategy

One of the most powerful strategy to take bigger chunk out of the daily crude price movement.  Basic objective of this strategy is to forecast high and low of crude price for the current day. It feels like magic when you  buy at day’s low and sell at day’s high. On an average, you can pick 5-6 tops (day’s high) and 5-6 bottoms (day’s low) in a month. Strategy used by professional traders is available for everyone in simplified way.

There can be three responses to a trading plan in the world.

good, bad and WOW!

WOW is to aim for.

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BTC 54 Strategy

A powerful strategy with an objective to deliver a 5% return on capital per day. It gives daily small profit. You can either withdraw your profit regularly or reinvest it to grow your capital. This strategy is very much suitable for new and small traders. There is no need of technical indicators to implement this strategy. 


BTC 155 Strategy

This classic strategy locks 10 point daily in crude. It gives regular profit and helps you to have extra income. This strategy is highly suitable for new and experienced traders. This is an open price-based strategy. There is no need of technical indicators to implement this strategy.                                        


Inventory Day Strategy

An amazing mathematical technique to capture profit during the sudden sharp movement in crude prices after the release of weekly inventory data by EIA. No need to worry about whether inventory will be positive or negative for crude price. Just take the trade and book profit.

Stop predicting the market

Use our trading strategies and become profitable

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